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Ice Dam and Snow Removal Saint Paul, Minneapolis


We take pride in providing same day or next day service in ice dam and roof snow removal in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. We use safe steam to make sure your business and home isn’t damaged in the removal process.


We have an A plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and have also won awards from Angie’s List. No one in the area has removed more ice than us.


For the best Minneapolis ice dam removal services, work with us. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations. With J and B we get the work done—efficiently and on time.


When you hire someone to remove ice dams, you want the company to do the job right. We provide emergency, residential and commercial services at extremely affordable rates. Our equipment is always up-to-date so we remain efficient. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also carry liability insurance and offer discounts when you get your neighbors to sign up.

Easy Tip for preventing Ice Dams



After a snow fall it is recommended to remove snow from the roof with your Roof Snow Rake. 


By keeping the snow load to a minimum, you will reduce the chances of an ice dam forming.


You don't have to clean the entire roof area, mainly the bottom edge of the roof  - gutter area, clean off 4 feet upward.


After you have cleaned off the bottom edge of the roof the snow will melt off when the sun comes out, this will keep the eave edge free of ice.

Ice dams can occur on both newer and older roof, Ice dams occur due to poor attic ventilation.

Roof Raking may be an easy task for a one level home, but dangerous on a 2 or more story home. Please contact a professional as needed.

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